Permanent Collection 

A lithograph from the Don Quixote series by A.C. Hollingsworth

The permanent collection of the Ponder Gallery features contemporary African - American drawings, crafts, paintings, prints and digital works. Highlights include:


  • Renowned Anheuser-Busch "Great Kings and Queens of Africa" Art Collection

  • Works by Benny Andrews

  • Prints by Margrett Burroughs

  • Works by Elizabeth Catlett

  • Works by Bing Davis

  • Works by Samella Lewis

  • Lithographs by Joseph Norman

  • Works by Renee Stout

  • Prints by Hale Woodroof

Dr. Kodilinye O. Igwe

New Acquisition: August 2018

Dr. Synthia Saint James

New Acquisition: April 2018

Larry Walker

New Acquisition: October 2017

Benny Andrews

New Acquisition: November 2016

Benny Andrews

New Acquisition: November 2016

Benny Andrews

New Acquisition: November 2016

Debra Edgerton

Acquired  2015

Alexander Boxtic

Acquired 2015

Steve Clay

Acquired  2015

Samella Lewis

Acquired 1996 

Elizabeth Catlett

Acquired 1987

Renee Stout

Acquired 2010