Permanent Collection 

A lithograph from the Don Quixote series by A.C. Hollingsworth

The permanent collection of the Ponder Gallery features contemporary African - American drawings, crafts, paintings, prints and digital works. Highlights include:


  • Renowned Anheuser-Busch "Great Kings and Queens of Africa" Art Collection

  • Works by Benny Andrews

  • Prints by Margrett Burroughs

  • Works by Elizabeth Catlett

  • Works by Bing Davis

  • Works by Samella Lewis

  • Lithographs by Joseph Norman

  • Works by Renee Stout

  • Prints by Hale Woodroof

Dr. Kodilinye O. Igwe

New Acquisition: August 2018

Dr. Synthia Saint James

New Acquisition: April 2018

Larry Walker

New Acquisition: October 2017

Benny Andrews

New Acquisition: November 2016

Benny Andrews

New Acquisition: November 2016

Benny Andrews

New Acquisition: November 2016

Debra Edgerton

Acquired  2015

Alexander Boxtic

Acquired 2015

Steve Clay

Acquired  2015

Samella Lewis

Acquired 1996 

Elizabeth Catlett

Acquired 1987

Renee Stout

Acquired 2010

2017 Ponder Gallery at Benedict College